Design Services

Even from very basic and rudimentary ideas, SEATPLY's team of knowledgeable engineers, using the latest drafting software, can help a client design and manufacture a cost-effective prototype - allowing them to better assess the aesthetics, the manufacturability and the durability of their creation.

Once the client is satisfied with the prototype, SEATPLY uses a Microscribe digitizing arm to create a precise 3D digital model in the SolidWorks CAD software. The design is then electronically transferred to the CNC routers using MasterCAM.

Product Development
& Mold Making

SEATPLY’s expert technicians design and build all pressing tools in-house and optimize them to the client’s specific requirements, allowing them to maintain the highest quality.

An extensive library of stock pressing tools is available, allowing the client to save time and money. With tools numbering in the hundreds, a project can be ready to move to production quickly and efficiently.


18 Heat Induction Presses

12 Radio-Frequency Presses

There are 2 methods to cure the wood to make molded plywood. Most upholstery grade parts and some of the large exposed grade panels are produced using radio frequency presses. However, for complex exposed-grade components such as one-piece shells, parts with multi-thickness and exposed-wood parts, heat-induction presses are used. To complement their North American production capacity, SEATPLY also operates 20 presses in Malaysia.

Solid Wood Components

In 2020, in response to the growing demand of the market, Seatply acquired Conception MB, in order to create a North American giant in both curved plywood and solid wood chair components and offer a more complete solution for their clients.

By using the most modern techniques to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of their manufacturing process, and by invest in making our tooling centers as sophisticated and technologically advanced as possible, Seatply's solid wood components division continues to meet the growing needs and requests of their clients and to create reliable products with high added value.

CNC Routing

8 5-axis CNC Routers

Once the molded plywood panels are pressed, they are machined on a 5-axis CNC router. These sophisticated computer-controlled routers allow the production of a large variety of consistently uniform and concise upholstery and exposed grade components.

Additional Processes

Each part is sanded, metal inserts are installed, and verified for quality assurance. After these steps are completed, the parts coming out of each cell are for the most part ready to be shipped.


Optionally, SEATPLY can offer a full finishing service through our trusted third-party providers. Their automated state-of-the-art finishing line has the capacity to stain, seal and top-coat seats, backs and shells using 100% water-based products. The end product is unparalleled in quality and beauty.